5 reasons why doing freeride in Livigno is better than going to the beach
5 reasons why doing freeride in Livigno is better than going to the beach © Klaus Polzer

In a weather-ambigous summer as this one, weekend to the sea can’t guarantee you the fun you need. I want to give you at least five good reasons why you should prefer the bike park Mottolino in Livigno and freeriding.

#1. Weather independent.

To go freeriding you don’t really need the weather to be at your side. On your two wheels you can go basically anywhere even when conditions are not so perfect, with clouds and some rain drops. Riding the trails from the top to the bottom and ending with legs and arms dirty of mud, makes your day even more interesting and entertaining. It is a sport requiring physical activity, a few degrees on the thermometer won’t make such a big difference: having to wear all the protection, you’ll be good even if it’s coldish. Besides that I’ll ask you: have you ever seen how the colours on the mountain change when the sky is full of clouds? No ? Here’s another reason.

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#2. Quiet of nature, adrenaline on the descent.

Freeriding happens to be on mountain trails, the only obstacles are rocks and roots as well as bushes with exposed branches. Soundtrack of your days are the singing little birds and the water in the creeks. When the days get gloomy, you’ll discover a new, unexpected and unique nature: colours are not the same anymore, perfumes are more intense and nature seems to be mysterious and impenetrable. On your bike you can beat any adversity.

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#3.  Bike doesn’t distinguish between men and women, bike is for anybody.  

Differently from motorcycle or, even better, from moto cross, freeriding requires a bike. You won’t need typical masculine abilities to face the trail, nor you need a driving license. Bike is for everybody, as well as Mottolino bike park trails: you have 12 at your disposal that you can ride step by step, taking confidence on the blue lines, moving on to the red ones, till you can go wild on the black ones, steeper and with much more adrenaline.

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#4. After the fatigue, even beer is tastier.

A day in the bike park is certainly fun, but it requires physical effort. At the end of a day, some muscles might hurt, you’ll feel tired. All you’ll want is to sit down at a table and enjoy a beer – maybe two, let’s say three – with your companions. Making friends between one and another descent is very easy: a tip on how to face a jump, a few words on the new GoPro mounted under the seat, these are all good reasons to start chatting and make new friends with the same passion, that might be even riding with you in the future. Better than find someone to share sunshade and crossword puzzles during August weekends, I’d say.  

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#5. You don’t need to own everything, you can get the all- inclusive package.

Bike, protections, instructor: if you need to own everything it is quite expensive, that’s true. But at Dr. Rent you can find the top Specialized Status and Demo bikes, synonims of quality and with valid materials, in addiction to everything you need to face your day in the bike park, from helmet to protections, from googles to gloves. If you want to get over with it and make sure you find everything, you can use the online booking on our website: you won’t risk that everything is sold out and that you’ll stay seated looking at other having fun. BOOK NOW!

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