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Colonna sonora Bikepark Mottolino

What’s your soundtrack for summer 2015 at Bikepark Mottolino?

17 June 2015


Music has a fundamental role in our lives, there’s no doubt. A couple of musical notes can change our mood, they bring out melancholic memories, that take us back to special moments of our lives. A good song changes our mood, we face the day with a different boost, giving us power and energy.

Luckily we are all different, the concept of what’s good is variable and very personal. We’d like to know what are the pieces that pump you up,  the ones you listen to when driving your car towards Livigno and Bikepark Mottolino, what has to be present in your i-pod while riding, or what you have to share with your group of friends.

What drives you crazy? What concert are you waiting for, what unknown artist do you listen to, thinking they should get more visibility?

Are you more for Chemical Brothers and the newest “Go” , or do you rather take it easy with Australian singer Baxter Shordon and his “ Dancing in the sunlight”? Do you have Spanish rhythm of Alvaro Soler “El mismo sol” or are ACDC still ruling in your headphones?

Help us making your days perfect, any suggestion is welcome!