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smaltimento neve per il bikepark

Trail builders at work towards Bikepark opening

15 May 2018


Bikepark Mottolino Livigno, season 2018, day 1… easy, day 1 is not meant as first opening day (we couldn’t have open without you) but it’s the first day at work for our trail builders. Summer season has started for the team lead by Gerry: from yesterday till the 8th of June they’ll be at work every day to restore Bikepark trails.

“Based on the actual conditions, considering the huge amount of snow that has fallen during the winter season, we are at work in two ways”, Gerry explains us after his first day within the fun mountain, “at the top, under the gondola terminal, a snow cat is removing snow, whilst downstream me, Mauro, Daniele and Matteo have started with some other works, like restoring trails, and creating new signboards for a better bikepark signposting.”

This team of 5 people will be at work for the next 4 weeks, taking care of 14 trails and different areas: slopestyle, jump and northshore, to guarantee a great opening (don’t forget to come the 9th of June and enjoy some good riding first and a great party at Kosmo)

From this season you can get immediate updates following the new Instagram channel @mottolinobikepark with all the news, the updates on the park conditions the news and the backstage of our bikers fun park.

Prepare your bikes, warm up and get ready: summer season is about to start (only 25 days left) 😀