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Amici che sfidano il Bikepark di Livigno

Summer Season in Livigno 2015, the best of.

19 September 2015


Just like every year, we arrive in September with the feeling that summer has flown. It has been the same even this year: fast but beautiful, either for the weather and the atmosphere that you, riders, have given us. So here we go with the best of this season!

1. MOTTOLINO GIRLS. I know, I’m not fair: I’m a girl and a friend of many other girls coming here over the season. But I HAVE TO dedicate them the first point of this list. One day on my private Facebook profile I collected some comments on why girls loved riding the bikepark. I got different comments: who defined it a pure adrenaline dependency (Our Wonder Vale, who spent her summer in Romagna), and who lived it as a challenge against herself (Simona, the teacher, that maybe one day will transmit her passion to small riders), who finds that girls are cool, like the half Swiss Corsaro, or “bad asses” like Cristina said, without forgetting there’s someone riding for love, like our Bonzina. 
Then we have thos who rides hard with the hardest, like super Lisa, or pinki Jessica with Sidorela, and of course our Mottolino Girls:
Silvia, Simona and Alice, Who couldn’t survive without their bikes (the bikepark is closing? You don’t say!!!) From girl to girls a simple but great THANK YOU. 

It might have been the yellow colour, the endearing graphic, the kind of sweater  or the combination of these elements. What it matters is that a lot of you have been wearing Mottolino during their days in the bikepark. Remembrer to take us with you even somewhere else, if you’ll have the chance to ride some other parks in autumn!

There’s a new generation that has started coming to Mottolino bikepark more and more, and one they the actula pros will bite the dust. Two guys have been taking our attention. The first one is Gabriel, 10 years old and a list of bikepark days longer than other riders. During Nine Knights Gala evening, at midnight, he was outside Mickys Pub together with his patient and chilled mother, waiting for his idols to arrive and to shake their hands. Passionate about riding, sure he’s going to surprise us in the future. Another young rider is Giacomo, 12 years old: during the past days he was seen by entire Italy thanks to a video posted by GoPro on their Facebook Page. Have a look at it, it’s worth it!

They spend their summer with us on every trail, giving us their feedbacks and helping us improving the Bikepark quality. These riders perfectly know Mottolino and they are at home around here. A special mention is for Mauro Toffaletti , that won the “Wanna be a Knight” contest thanks to a video recorde together with Cristopher by PoorGold Production. If you still haven’t seen it have a look at it, watching the park with some snow and at night is definetly worth it. 

Another local to mention is Tobia Silvestri, who was the first rider in the world to jump over both the Nine Knights cstle, in winter and in Summer.  Two immense structures who didn’t scare our freeskier. big Up for him!

5. THE WHOLE MOTTOLINO CREW (and that’s you).
Yes, you. It might be a foregone final for such an article, but it isn’t. You make Mottolin owhat it is today. A cool place to have fun and be with friends. A place where a man turning 80 (Sergio from Florence), wants to visit because of the athmosphere and the cool people you might meet. 

I don’t want a tearjerker final, mixed with melancholy, a kind of ” Oh My God, what do I do now that I still have “266 days, 6 378 hours, 382 680 minutes and 22 960 800 seconds to next summer opening?

Thank you all, see you next year!