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Mountain-action MTB Freeride Camp at Mottolino: don’t just call us „kids“

9 September 2014


In the last days Mottolino has hosted a camp organized by Andreas Neuhauser from It is the sixth year in a row, and we wanted to find out why they come here and what they do during their stay. 

Why Livigno? We have been coming here for 6 year with kids from 12 to 17 years of age. All of them have a passion for mountain-bike. At the beginning it was only over the weekends but because you can do so many things here in the bikepark and the surroundings we understood we needed at least a whole week.

What do you do during the camp? Beside riding like crazy on the 12 different trails in the bike park, we go Scree surfing at Forcula Pass, we make barbeque on one of the nice little hut in the mountains (Baitel), we go nightriding the trails and we take a lot of pictures for the kids to show their parents and post on Facebook , Whatsapp and Instagram.

What do you like in Livigno? Hospitality for mountain bikers is super. Here we feel welcome.

Letting the main characters talk: kids, one at the time, what do you like the most at Mottolino Bike park?

Nicolas: I like the new trails very much. They are flowig, nice to ride. The new step up and the double

Tobi: I like the „Black Eye“. It is very steep and tecnichal

Luca: the smooth and flow trails

Jakob: the awesome drops

Lars: the bagjump. The new jump-line in the „First Ever“ trail

Klaus: I like the fact that there are trails and runs for all levels of riders

Nina: the new „EAS 23“ trail

Jona: the new „EAS 23“ trail and the new step-up

Marius: I like the flow-lines and the many jumps. And of course the bag-jump

Luca from Torino: when I came here I had no experiance in bike parks. Therefore I like the different difficulties from blue to black to improve my skills

Benni: I loved the big wallride. The flowlines and step-ups are awesome

Jordi: the new „EAS 23“ trail. It is also good that there are always shapers on the tail to repair at any time and build new runs

Elias: it was my first time in a bike park. I liked the many different trails from easy to difficult. The dirtpark is great.

Felix: I loves the tecnical trails like black eye and the downhill woldcup trail. I missed a pumptrack.

And what about Joshi, your tour leader and guide: what do you think about Mottolino bike park?

I loved the short distances between the trails: everything is very close together which makes it easy to combine different trails in one run.

At this point there’s just one thing left to do… thank you and see you again next year!