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sentiero soleggiato per enduro al bikepark

Mottolino bike area expands: here is the NEW panoramic trail

23 August 2018


When you get off the gondola, thanks to a flowy pump track style trail, you head to the area where Camanel di Planon mountain hut is located. Right from the start you get the feeling that something is different from usual: you’re riding along an extremely scenic route recommended to all Enduro lovers showing a good riding technique.

This is the initial stretch of the Enduro Natural Trail, the brand new trail by Mottolino, opened a few days ago.

This new trail was built keeping in mind who rides an Enduro bike, although it perfectly fits those ones approaching downhill for the first time.

The Enduro Natural Trail winds over 5600 meters through the area where Camanel di Planon mountain hut is located, to finally reach Mottolino gondola bottom terminal: it’s a route that allows our bike offer to extend to a completely new area.

The trail, having no berms nor parabolic curves, as well as being free from rocks and roots, flows easier than the other trails in the bikepark and sets an important moment in the development of the bike offer by Mottolino. In 2018, after 13 years from the construction of the first downhill trail, the offer expands with a completely new product: a route designed not only for downhill riders, but especially for Enduro lovers searching for lighter trails as well as for everyone who, even when cycling, want to enjoy a suggestive landscape.

If you are intrigued but not yet convinced, watch the presentation video with the advice of Gerry Cusini, one of the trail builders at Mottolino.