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Downhill donna al bikepark di Livigno

I’m a woman and that’s why I ride the Bikepark

23 July 2015

I always thought that the bikepark was something “men’s only”, where crazy boys looking for strong emotions were ruling on mtbs twice as big as my city bike. Then I decided to give it a try and I had to change my mind: I explain you why, in my opinion, even girls should ride Livigno bikepark. 
If you can ride a bike, the game is over. You can approach the first descents on easy trails such as “take it easy” or “first ever” whose names explain you how difficult they could be. You’ll becpome familiar with the bike and you’ll learn how to face natural obstacles on your way. You’ll feel great satisfaction, descent after descent!
Don’t expect to do everything immediately. Take your time and follow our instructors! Mauro, Simone and Alex are at your disposal to teach you the right techinques to face the descents, and to unviel a few tricks for your first jumps. 
We are all able to plunge into an extreme shopping session! But sometimes we should do something crazy, out of our comfort zone, behind our personal limits (mainly mental). Rent a GoPro at Dr Rent and record yourself while shredding Mottolino bikepark, or when facing North Shore bridges or even better, when jumping over the Big Air Bag. When you’ll be watching those videos at home you’ll be proud of yourself and your self esteem will boost!
Hot weather doesn’t facilitate open air activities and the air conditioner in the gym doesn’t substitute some mountain fresh air. Livigno altitude is the ideal solution! Get away from city heat and live this new experience. Legs and arms will be thankful.  
Fun is the keyword: there are no challenges or test of courage, it is all about fun. The first descents are the most challenging, but once you’re done with that, once you’ll be confident enough, you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramas, you’ll live nature in a different way and you’ll appreciate this discipline to the fullest. 
Are you persuaded? Book your bikepark day or if you have you tried it let us know how it was, sending us pictures and comments!