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Bikers briefing al Bikepark

First time in a bikepark? Find out all the info to start big!

24 May 2016


In the last few years downhill and freeride have experienced a considerable growth among summer sports practiced worldwide. As usual USA had the lead, but lately Europe is no less then that thanks to the increasing number of bikeparks and to many destinations that, more and more, are putting efforts into this amazing sport, fun and suitable for all.

Just like all disciplines also downhill and freeride could seem “hard” at the beginning but beyond this apparent difficulty is and exceptional appeal, typical of a new experience.

With this article we want to give some tips to everyone interested in our bikepark, though having never tried it. With just a few tips you’ll find out that after all it’s not as hard as it seems.

Bikepark checklist:

  • Choose the right equipment, starting from a suitable bike, a full suspended one properly equipped with disc brakes. Don’t forget protection for your body and your head. You can find all the equipment at Dr. Rent rental shop located at Mottolino gondola bottom terminal;
  • get in the bikepark with someone else, better if a professional guide who can give you some technical advices and will show you the 13 trails, suggesting the ones best suiting your riding abilities;
  • don’t go for your first run down on your own;
  • become familiar with your bike on an easy terrain (even on a flat one) to understand how to ride it down the bikepark trails;
  • always start with the easiest trails

These are only the most important tips, for all the details we invite you to check out the area dedicated to the topic in our web site.