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15 July 2020 7.5 °C
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Everything confirmed! Mottolino bikepark in Livigno is opening on Saturday, June 8th!

27 May 2019


The amazing amount of snow still present at the top of the mountain is not going to hinder Mottolino bike park opening, confirmed on Saturday, June 8th.

The builders’ team is at work to open all the trails as soon as possible: there are 6 people led by Mauro Toffaletti and supported by other workers operating heavy vehicles. Our goal is to offer you the best riding conditions as soon as possible in an out-of-ordinary setting for the beginning of the season.

If you are among the enthusiastic ones who want to open the bike season right away, remember that on the first weekend you can ride for two days, paying just one and if you want to buy the all-inclusive packages, you can get an immediate 10% discount by booking online on A tip: check out the all bikes available this year. We have added brand new options even in the exclusive and super exclusive line: they are perfect for trying a top-level riding experience to help you out in making a choice if you are considering buying your own bike.