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Manutenzione dei sentieri del Mottolino

Bikepark: trails maintenance has started

17 May 2016

Livigno, 16th of May 2016. Trails maintenance has started and what you see in the picture is the view our shapers had in front of them on their first day of work. 
Let’s take a step after the other. We first introduce you the new trail builders team, lead by Gerry, who has been with us for many years. Together with him there will be Mauro Toffaletti, Matteo Cartelli and Daniele Criscuolo. All of them are experts in the bike field thanks to their past experiences. Let’s not forget about Elia, who’s in charge of mechanical means, who’s at work at the top of the park to remove snow from the snow. 
“Starting the maintenance now is pretty complicated” Gerry told us “every year conditions change based on the amount of snow remaining after the winter season and the spring temperatures that determine the snowmelt, that change the trail basis”
“During this first part of the season we’ll be divided into two teams, the first one will be at work at the top to remove snow whilst the second one will be fixing the lower areas”.
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