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North shore area di Mottolino Bikepark

Bikepark Mottolino backstage: images from the north shore area restyling

20 June 2015

After a week of bikepark opening, here is a fresh update directly from my “office”, among bikepark trails. We left you around a month ago, when we gave you an update of our maintenance jobs and today I’d like to tell you a few more details about the restyling happening in the north shore area since this spring. 
North shore Livigno
Bikepark Livigno north shore
This area has been built 7 years ago and after some seasons we decided to refresh it, to extend the summer offer of Mottolino Bikepark. As you can see from the picture above, what’s different from the past year is that now you can choose between two different paths, the blue and easy one, suitable to anybody, and the red one, slightly difficult and more techincal, ideal to intermediate riders.
More expert riders shold stay on the left side of the area, to have a better axcess to the huge wallride and the extreme wallride, two amazing structures built a few years ago.
Wallride bikepark Livigno
Bikepark Livigno wallride
For those of you who still don’t know Mottolino Bikepark, the north shore area is exactly under Mottolino gondola, and you can reach it from any trail, except for Eas 23, Stoner and Panet (in the trails page you can download our map).