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Bikepark, emozioni ed adrenalina ad alta quota

Bike Park: semi-serious suggestions while waiting for the opening

7 May 2015

38 days left to June 13, opening date for the Mottolino Bike Park in Livigno.
Around here we’ve put away skis and snowboards and pulled out shovels: the teams are ready and in a few days they’ll all be out fixing the trails still covered with snow.
And while we have our work cut out to prepare the best of welcomes, what are you up to? Here we are ready to bet that for you the next 38 days will be the longest ever so we thought of suggesting a different way to kill time.
Here you are, then, your “Waiting Mantra”. Remember, to get the maximum benefit you must apply daily, with regular and strict discipline, otherwise, what a Mantra would this be?
  1. 1. Build an “advent bike calendar”: mark the event in your calendar, June 13th is the date, and highlight it clearly. Every day, treat yourself by putting a cross and removing a unit from the number written after the minus sign of your countdown. Start today with -38, tomorrow is already -37: such a good feeling.
  2. Pamper your horse race and his vestments: wake up, if you haven’t done it already wash and dust your bike, check the suspension, the brakes and even the bike rack of your car. Check clothing, pads and helmets, and do not forget the Mottolino sticker. It’s not a helmet without a sticker.
  3. Build up shoulders: if you have no desire to train shoulders and arms for the runs, at least do it for the evening toast. Without proper preparation the high concentration of lactic acid may keep you from raising your glass after a full day on the trails: a very annoying experience.
  4. Do the “Weather Makumba”: start immediately the sun ritual. The energy released with the dance will ensure excellent weather and ideal temperatures for downhill cycling without sweating under the helmet.
  5. Get active on our social channels, blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: pump up by watching videos shot in the bike park in previous years, and start thinking about when it will be up to you. Join a crew made of many special people who definitely think your same way: participate on our social channels and on the blog to express what you have your say. Each comment is an extra run.
Now it’s your turn, recommended dosage: everyday at least a bit. Short time left, so give it a go with the “Waiting Mantra”. See you on June 13th 😉