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A beautiful crazy DH weekend hosted by Mottolino and Just1Racing!

23 July 2019

“To the greatest things. Anything always comes to an end.”
And that’s why they are so cool, they can’t be forever but they last in us as if they were.
The chance to ride hand-in-hand with multiple professional athletes down the Mottolino Bikepark is definitely something special and being able to do that for 2 days is “sick as hell” as Antoine Bizet would says.
Thanks also to the good weather the first day has gifted us a huge amount of bikers from different geographical places, all reunited to ride a bike while sharing the greatest tracks our valley may offer.
Since the very early hours of Saturday, we saw a huge enthusiasm in all participants looking forward to start the day-DHsession and the overall plan has become even better once we reached the highest point and we enjoyed a bit of freestyle at the Jump Area.
Here, the blessing of admiring great bikers like Bizet managing crazy jumps and incredible tricks as the backflip or the superman to name a few is really something unique that we tried to describe with our photos (and we might get it right!) but it’s definitely worth a view.
Then, after a beautiful free DH afternoon session we’ve ended up the first day chilling up at the Kosmo Bar to sum up all the emotion taken from the whole day.
The second day was a different ones because of the weather that hasn’t been that good but has also confirmed that emotions remain anyways when we’re talking about DH.
A definitely relevant part of the day has witnessed the CRAZY JUMP SESSION at the Big Airbag just in front of the Mottolino gondola.
A hour and a half of pure aesthetic, super crazy jumps from different bikers! 
This has gotten us very into it also because of the joy of people trying the launching pad for the first time ever other than seeing experienced and talented people doing the very hardest tricks even with a bit of rain.
So, to recap, it has been a GREAT WEEKEND full of smiles, good vibes and a lot of crazy feelings and it couldn’t be possible without the support of our partner J1 that has brought here super talented bikers like Antoine Bizet, Eleonora Farina, Vanni Oddera and Nicola Grotti to enjoy the FUN mountain.
We really appreciate you guys coming here, we had a really really FUN day and we’re looking forward for the next year to doing things even greater!
The FUN is about to happen again!