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Immagine del Mottolino alla fine della stagione invernale

What‘s left from Mottolino after the winter season?

9 May 2015

Many of you may have wondered about what happens at Mottolino immediately after closing a winter season, so here we go: after telling you about the most unforgettable moments of the winter just gone, today we want to take you behind the scenes of the mountain to reveal the best backstage.
Melting snowpark
The playground of freeskiers and snowboarders after spending one of its most intense seasons came to an end. Shapers and snowgroomers in the last few days have removed all the snowpark structures leaving only the snow of the kickers of which you’ll surely be able to see a bit left, should you come visiting in June.
Snowpark Italy
Rails and boxes in hibernation
We’ve mentioned the structures of the snowpark and here they are. In the picture you can only see some but in reality they are 63 among rails, boxes, stairs and special structures that last season made Mottolino snowpark being the largest of all time. Now this material has been stored waiting for summer maintenance.
Snowpark obstacles
In search of summer trails
We have been at the top just the other day to shoot the picture used in this article and the situation is really strange. Starting from Passo d’Eira and moving up towards M’Eating Point it’s like falling back in a full winter world: our staff is still moving by snowgroomer and skidoos and the higher you climb, the whiter the situation is. Between one slope and the next, our snowgroomers are working to clear the summer trails from snow… a job that will require a lot of time considering that in some “critical” areas the snow is still over two meters high.
Winter Livigno
An abandoned castle
Most probably this is the most incredible story: 150,000 cubic meters of snow produces from January to March and used to build the two castles of the Suzuki Nine Knights are now lying aside Sponda slope. Some of that snow has been used, up to last week, to maintain the slopes close to the castle while the remaining ammount will be melt by Livigno summer sun, but the whole summer won’t be enough to melt it all! We are sure that a small amount will definitely resist ‘till the next winter. After all a mass of 150,000 m3 of snow corrisponds to the size of 2 buildings of 3 floors each 😉
Nine Knights Livigno
Fully disassembled snowmobiles
Have you ever played with Lego block when you were children? Well, our snowgroomer drivers are doing something more or less similar to that but using the snowgroomers: consider that these large vehicles at winter used for slopes’ and snowpark maintenance, during the summer are completely disassembled to undergo seasonal maintenance of each individual component. A work that started this week and will end just in time for the arrival of the first snow.
Pistenbully Livigno