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Warmup al bikepark

Two months to the winter season opening in Livigno: what’s your warm up?

22 September 2015


At the end of the bike season at Mottolino Bikepark, the countdown to winter has already started: two months and six days to the lift opening in Livigno. In this period, what’s your favourite sport? How do you keep fit to get to the last weekend of November in a perfect shape?

We’ve conducted a mini survey in the office, as our collaborators are the first fans of biking and skiing ( and snowboarding, and telemark, too) and that’s what it came up: 

1. Walking and running outdoor.
Until the temperatures allow it, outdoor activities are the top ones. The landscape in autumn in Livigno is amazing, the air is fresh but not too fizzy and wlaking are the perfect solution for a healty lunch break, as they allow us to come back to the office ready for some intense afternoon at work. Ideal solution for days that are getting shorter. 

2. Climbing.
Indoor, unfortunately, as 1816m asl in Livigno allow us to follow heights only during sunny weekends. Climbing is a very common passion that brings together a lot of people and lately it has involved many more youngs. We’ve heard of amazing indoor climbing center, is there anybody amongst you who would suggest a place worth visiting?

3. Swimming
With the re opening of Aquagranda Wellness Center in Livigno it is again possible to swim, a perfect solution for top body conditions. If you consider that within the next days we’ll have even Federica Pellegrini, Filippo Magnini, Gregorio Paltrinieri and the Italian team, I’d say that’s perfection. 

4. Gym
Tapis Roulant, cyclette and other features are in 4th place, even if they give the chance to train the body based on your needs. We’ll see how that changes within a month, when temperatures go below zero. Do we have any passionate about Crossfit or any other class worth attending? Or maybe we have someone so lucky to live in the area of a parkour center?     

5. Couching
Well. For someone there are no in-between sports worth practising. Therefore they’ll go with full immersions of movies, tv series, books, and much more. A widely diffused activity even if not excactly aligned to the idea of athletics.

What’s your sport? What’s your valid alternative to skiing and biking in Autumn? Share it with us!