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Mottolino Backstage: the great team on the lifts and on the slopes

23 April 2016

Our journey through the different departments inside Mottolino family continues and today we’ll talk about the lift and slopes team. Nearly 40 people are part of the biggest team we’ve seen up to now, and they all have different roles. 
We interviewed Fabio Bormolini, who described us in an easy though complex way how this various sub teams work: we’ll give you a short summary in this article, but we suggest you to have a look at the video if you want to know more. 
Let’s start with dividing lifts and slopes, as to be able to analyze different positions.
Within the lift team there are those people that everyday assist you at the bottom of any lifts, either gondola, chairlift or skilift, making sure you get up and down safely, intervening if something happens. They also have to check if the lift works and repair it in case it’s needed. At the beginning and at the end of every day, they store the chairs (or bring them back on the lift). To be able to cover this role, they have to obtain a certificate from the Transportation Ministry. There’s a person in charge of the entire department, that coordinates the activities and has a deep knowledge of how lifts work. 
Then there is the slopes team, those who make sure that you can ski safely every day, that fix signpostings, nets and protection mattrasses. you can meet them at work early in the morning but not for long: in fact once you start skiing they should be done with their job. 
On their side we also hav the first aid team, that intervenes every time they are needed. A great thing to know is that at Mottolino there is a resuscitator doctor and that the first aid team can arrive on spot in nearly 2 minutes!!! Great performance when you have to save a life!
Last but not least is the police team that intervenes in case of serious accidents. 
Head of safety team is a person that has also criminal responsibility.