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Mottolino Backstage continues: let’s meet the snowcat drivers

24 March 2016

Every day when the sun goes down and everybody is done with their work, the snowcat drivers team enters the scene, taking care and maintaining the slopes. They work and fix 2.040.000 m2 of skiing slopes, to let us find terrain suitable to our fun.
We asked a few questions to Filippo Longa, who is the team manager, and he gave us some information related to the job. 
Here’s what he told us: “Being a snowcat driver is a fullfilling job: you spend hours sat in the dark, up and down the slopes, and the exact moment the sun comes up you realize you transformed the ski area, making it comfortable and ready to welcome new guests. It seems easy but you need a lot of concentration and attention, you have to know what parts of the machine to activate based on the terrain you are working on and keep on monitoring the electronic system.
Our working days are based on weather condition: when it’s sunny, tehy are pretty regular. We start at 4pm, have a quick dinner, that go back to work until Midnight. But if it’s snowing or snow is forecasted, we go back home, knowing that the next morning we’ll have to wake up at 4am. We have to be flexible, nature can not be controlled and for a better result we have to follow its rules. 
Fortunately on board we have some radios that we use to communicate to each other, tell a few jokes keeping company with each other.
Being a snowcat driver has given me many amanzing memories that I’ll keep forever with me: from amazing nights under the moonlight, when it seemed to be working on soft creamy mountains, to sunsets and sunrises that leave you breathless. Only in the mountain the sunlight gives you these magic colours and not many jobs allow you to catch these amazingly incredible shows. 
A situation like this is enough to make you forget about the lonely hours spent on the snowcat.”
If you want to know something more about this job, please contact us, we’ll interview for you the right people, telling you whatever stimulates your curiosity!