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Sparaneve di Snowpark Mottolino

Interview with Fabio Rini about Mottolino backstage at summer

7 July 2015


Coming to Livigno in these summer days, the first impression you might have about Mottolino is very clear: a working gondola, mtb speeding down the 12 trails in the bike park, a mountain hut exuding aromas of Valtellina gastronomy and other services dedicated to bikers… everything else, winter slopes and lifts are idle. Or do they just seem so?

We met Fabio Rini, Mottolino lifts’ department head, asking for a few more details about what happens behind the scenes at Mottolino. You will see that, in the end, there is much more then this 😉

How many people are at work on the lifts during summer?
From May to November we are 24 people making up the various maintenance team, artificial snow makers , electricians, garage and bikepark maintenance. Usually in the summer you are used to seeing only 5/6 of us, those working at the gongola and the ones involved in trails construction because everyone else is scattered around the mountain.

What are you doing all these months?
Usually right after the winter closing we take a few days off. Right after the majority of my staff is focused on gondola maintenance that from early June will be open to transport bikers and pedestrians. From June untill the end of October we are instead divided into teams of 3/4 people each (as needed) dealing with ordinary maintenance and inspection of the lifts.

What does it mean to do maintenance to a lift?
Maintenance is a very long and important work. It consist in disassembling the various parts of each lift which can then be cleaned or replaced depending on the conditions. The inspection instead is a procedure prescribed by law that requires periodic replacement of very specific parts to ensure proper functioning of the lift. The same goes for snow cannons and snow rods, which are taken apart and arranged so that by the end of October they can be ready for action. In addition to maintenance we also have two electricians, the team building the bike park trails and two people for the metalworker’s workshop.

Are summer jobs carried out by you and your team alone or do you have the support of external companies?
Usually during inspections we are supported by an engineer who ensures proper inspection procedures, for everything else instead we are independent.

Thanking Fabio Rini for letting us discover the hidden side of Mottolino, we remind you that in our blog you can also find articles about bike park trails maintenance and the snowgroomers’ team.

Talk to you soon 🙂